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Road Safety Week 2011 was held between 21st and 27th November and to show the Brownies how to be safe we completed our Road Safety Badge over two meetings.

Take a photograph or draw a picture of a safe crossing place and an unsafe crossing place.  Show you understand the difference.

To cover this part of the badge we sat and talked about safe places to cross the road, the girls came up with a Pelican Crossing, a Zebra Crossing and other ideas.  We talked about not crossing the road between parked cars, when there was lots of traffic. 

Know the Green Cross Code and explain how to cross roads safely.

We played one of our favourtie games - The words to the Green Cross Code had been typed onto coloured card and the words cut up.  The girls were given a dice and everytime they threw a six they ran to the middle of the room, picked up a piece of card in the colour they had been allocated and then had to arrange the words to make the Green Cross Code.  A similar idea can also be downloaded from the Think! website.

Design an outfit to help someone be easily seen when walking near roads at night or in bad weather.  Design a cycle helmet.  Know why wearing a helmet is very important.

These are two designs which the Brownies came up with Design 1 and Design 2

Know the order of traffic lights and what the different colours mean.  Make up a game based on traffic lights.

We had a discussion about which order the traffic lights came in - unfortunately the Brownies thought that the lights went from Red to Amber to Green - no girls, its Red to Red and Amber to Green.  We then played the traffic lights game.  When Red was called the Brownies had to stand still, when Amber was called they had to crouch down and on Green they had to run around the room as fast as they could.

Look at the road signs and markings shown in the Highway Code.  Know the differences between circular, triangular and rectangular signs.  Explain the meaning of some signs and markings.

We played find the partner.  The activity was downloaded from the Think! website.  One card showed a picture of a road sign and another card showed the name of the road sign.  The game involved the Brownies turning two cards over at a time, if they matched they got to keep the cards, if they didn't then they had to put them back in the same place.  Once all of the cards had been matched the Brownie with the most pairs was the winner.

Know how to keep safe when going out without an adult

At the end of our second meeting we sat and had a pow wow to discuss this.  We talked about when we went on our trip to Skegness and what would have happened had they got lost, they came up with find a policeman, go into a busy shop and other ideas.