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During the weekend of 6th to 8th Nov 09, 1st Cranwell (RAF) Brownies took part in their first unit Pack Holiday for several years.  We visited Parva House and transformed it into Disney World.  The girls were split into three groups and became Disney Animals, Lion Kings; Bambi's and Dalmations, whilst the leaders became Princesses, Aerial; Cinderella; Jasmine; Sleeping Beauty; Snow White and Tinkerbell.

We started on the Friday evening making Dumbo's diary, drinks and welly pegs.  By 10pm we were all washed, teeth cleaned and into bed, but not asleep.

Saturday morning saw us all up bring and early and ready for breakfast.  Washing up our dishes and then lots of crats, split into six different activities throughout the day.  We had juice at 10am, lunch at 1pm and then an afternoon drink at 3pm.  A Mad Hatters Tea Party was organised for Saturday evening and then and early night was called for - something to do with the 3am go to sleep the night before!

Sunday and it was home time, but not before a final craft session.  Following our lunch it was time to tidy up the house, pack our belongings, say a big thank you to every one who had helped over the weekend and wait for parents to collect some very tired Brownies.

The girls have already asked to go on another holiday so best we start planning....

The Brownies took lots and lots of photos (127 of them!) and there is just a few of them below - hope this give you some ides of how much fun the Browneis had in Disney.

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