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Around the World in 48 was the theme for this years Pack Holiday.  On arrival the girls were handed boarding cards for flight BPH 0405 and asked to find their seats (bed space).  Twenty minutes after checking in we said bon voyage to our parents and Pack Holiday was ready to begin.

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The girls were split into three groups - we had Italy, France and Holland.  The leaders were named after animals - Platypus, Kangaroo and Koala.  We had two extra helpers staying on Friday night and they were Parrot and Giraffe.  Penguin paid a visit for the day on Saturday and when Parrot and Giraffe needed to go home, Tiger and Zebra took over.  Pelican came for the day on Sunday.

We started off by having a tour of the house - all of the rooms had been named after international land marks.  We visited the Taj Mahal to see where Koala would give us our medications and look after us if we felt poorly.  We were sleeping at Table Mountain and The Great Wall of China was where we would eat our meals.


We then went to the London Eye which would be the craft area for the weekend and made our Brownie diary - it was a passport and we had to find out details of all the different countries we would be visiting.

We then went back ino our rooms to unpack our bags, find our pyjamas and get ready for our bed time drink.  Hot chocolate with a difference all round - YUM YUM.   Kangaroo had a nice surprise for us - we were making our own hot chocolate - a mug of hot milk and a chunk of chocolate on a stick which we needed to melt in the milk.  It was then time to snuggle into our sleeping bags - but no mention of sleep ...


Saturday morning saw us all up bright and early (5.30am to be exact).  So that we didn't make too much noise, Platypus decided that we should get up and make one of our craft activities, so at 6 in the morning we started to make our Loch Ness Monsters which included glue, glitter and stickers... Not bad after just 4 1/2 hours sleep!

Being on pack holiday is about living together - we helped to cook breakfast, washed up afterwards, cleaned the bathrooms, wiped down tables and worked together in our groups.


Over the weekend we visited Scotland where we made Loch Ness Monsters, South Africa where we painted a jungle windcharm, Japan where we painted a Koisha Doll, Russia where we made a Russian Doll, Egypt where we made an insect magnet and Australia where we decorated a 3D animal.

Kangaroo cooked some very nice meals, we had sandwiches, croissants, roast turkey, spaghetti bolognaise and lots lots more.    
On Sunday morning the sun shone for the first time and we were able to go out and play on the climbing boulder and got some games out of the cabin.  It was nice to be out in the fresh air.

All too soon it was 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon and time to go home.  Lots of cuddles from mum and dad as each brownie was collected.


AOver 300 photographs were taken over the weekend - some of them are not printable - I'm sure you don't want a picture of the floor!  Hopefully the selection included on this page will give you an indication of how much fun our weekend away was.  Now to start planning the next one. 

If you would like to see some of the photo's which the girls took of themselves please click here