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To Celebrate HRH The Queen's Diamond Jubilee the girls were given a number of challenge badges to look through to choose which one they would prefer to do.  After much discussion the girls decided that they would like to do the one which had been designed by New Milton District.

The challenge badge was split into the following clauses and for each decade the girls had to complete two challenges.

       Tin - celebrating the first 10 years.  The two clauses completed for this section were to create a tea light holder from an old tin can and to think of as many things which you could that came in a tin.

Jubilee Challenge      Jubilee Challenge      Jubilee Challenge

    China - celebrating 20 years.  The two clauses completed for this section was to decorate a china plate for Father's Day and to learn My Ship Sails to China.

    Pearl - celebrating 30 years.  The two clauses completed for this section was Pearl Fishing and How Many Girls Names Mean Something Else.

    Ruby - celebrating 40 years.  An evening in red clothes and red food helped us pass the clauses for this section of the badge.

Jubilee      Jubilee      Jubilee    

    Gold - celebrating 50 years.  To pass this clause we decorated a gold crown for Father's Day and made gold medals.

    Diamond - celebrating 60 years.  This clause involved us making diamond shapes out of our bodies and a diamond ring.

Jubilee      Jubilee       Jubilee

Our final activity was to have a relay race where we had to collect items from each of the decades we had celebrated.

Jubilee         Jubilee