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Each year the Brownies are invited to take part in the annual RAF Cranwell Christingle Service.

So what is the Christingle.  It is a service which was first introduced by the Children's Society some 40 years ago.  A Christingle Celebration may include songs, normally Christmas Carols, prayers and performances as well as a collection in aid of The Children's Society.  The main element is the lighting of the Christingle Candle.

What elements make up a Christingle -

       An Orange - representing the world
       A Red Ribbon - indicates the love and blood of Christ and goes around the centre of the orange
       Dried Fruits and Sweets (normally attached to cocktail sticks) - symbols of God's creations, or the four seasons
       The Lit Candle - Symbolises Jesus, the light of the world

Christingle       Christingle       Christingle

If you would like to organise your own Christingle Service you can contact the Children's Society