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Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is a time when all members of Guiding think about our founders Lord and Lady Baden Powell.  To celebrate Thinking Day 2012 the girls worked towards their Brownie Traditions Badge.

1. Make a quiz or game, or put on a short play for other Brownies about all of the following

    When Brownies Started
    What Brownies was first Called
    How Brownie Uniform has changed

Thinking Day is Celebrated on February 22nd. This is the birthday of Lord and Lady Baden Powell, who started the Girl Guide and Boy Scout Movement
H elping others - our Brownie Motto is Lend a Hand. We can lend a hand at home, at Brownies, at School and by helping to raise money for those in need
I n 1909, at a Boy Scout rally, some girls appeared. They were interested in joining, so Lord and Lady Baden-Powell decided to start Girl Guides
N ow there is Girlguiding all over the world. There are over 10 million members
K indness all around the world. We are kind and friendly to all our sister Brownies, whether they are from our Six, our pack or another Country
I n countries all over the world are Brownies. In Russia, Brownies are called Junior Girl Scouts
N ew girls and adults are always welcome to join us. You can be a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, Ranger or an adult helper
G uiding is fun! There are always lots of exciting things to do

D o your best - as part of our Proimise, Brownies always try to do their best
A ll members of the Association belong to one big family. There are members in 136 countries
Y ou are part of this family on World Thining Day is special for all of us as we celebrate Guiding around the world

We then went on to learn about uniforms from across the ages - thanks to Girlguiding Norfolk Heritage for their ideas.

2.  Chose and do three traditional Brownie activities.

       Draw the Union Flag and know how it is made up - thanks goes to Woodland Junior School for showing us how this is done - the Brownies then made their own copy of the flag.

        Know the first verse of the National Anthem

             God save our gracious Queen
             Long live our noble Queen
             God save the Queen
             Send her victorious
             Happy and Glorious
             Long to reign over us
             God save the Queen

        With other Brownies, sign some of the Six songs that Brownies used to sing.  Check out this website for lots more songs.

Ghillie Dhu
Ghillie Dhu is our name
We guard the bairns and lead them hame

The Brownies then decided to have a go at making up their own six songs.

Badgers walking through the woods
Helping others like we should


Hedgehogs, Hedgehogs
Look out for us Hedgehogs


We're the Rabbits clever and smart
We help the others throughout the day

3.    Make a poster showing what you think Brownies will be doing in ten years time.