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To follow on from the Olympic Theme of last term we wrote the the OC Physical Education Squadron on camp to see if they would be willing to allow us to complete our Agility Badge in one of the Sports Halls.

To gain our badge this is what we had to do.

Do both of the following -

    Warm up before taking exercise and stretch out afterwards.
    Know about the clothes and equipment you need for the activities you choose

AgilityBadge      AgilityBadge
Do one of the following -

    Skip 60 steps forward without a break
    Skip 20 steps backwards and show three fancy steps, for example a double-turn or a cross-over
    Spin a hoop around your waist for 20 seconds without a break.


Do one of the following -

    Make up a one-minute aerobic exercise sequence.  Encourage other members of your Six to join in.
    Take part in a three-minute aerobic exercise sequence.

Follow a training circuit that has three of the following activities - do each activity for 15 seconds.

    Sit ups
    Balancing on one leg
    Running on the spot
    Press Ups
    Tuck Jumps

AgilityBadge    AgilityBadge   AgilityBadge

Using two different balls, throw each ball against the wall ten times using both underarm and over-arm throws.  Catch each ball as it bounces back.

Even the Leaders joined in.....

AgilityBadge      AgilityBadge